Company History

Enterprise introduction

Qingdao Ming eye health science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in December 5, 2017, with the technical guidance of Beijing professional research institute, has independent research and development team and professional production and processing workshop, production and sales of food, food technology research and development, technical services, exhibition and display services, enterprise marketing planning, business information consulting, Service, import and export, import and export business.

The company and Hebei aiten Food Technology Co., Ltd., in cooperation with the vast majority of students, mobile phone family, computer family research and development and production of vitamin juice beverage awakening, is unique to its taste, the effect is remarkable, and is favored and favored by the majority of consumers.

The company adheres to the concept of "honesty and customer first", and actively responds to the great call of general secretary of the general secretary at the national health and health conference, "to accelerate the construction of healthy China, to ensure the health of the people in all directions and in full cycle", and to follow the guidance of the national health industry development and work for the health of the Chinese people. Unremitting efforts and struggles.