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2018-04-11 15:16:22 mingmoukejien 6

Company History

Qingdao Minghao Health Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 5, 2017. The company takes the Beijing Institute of Technology as its technical guide, has an independent R&D team and a professional production and processing workshop, produces and sells food, food technology research and development, technical services, and exhibitions. Services, corporate marketing planning, business information consulting, conference services, cargo import and export, technology import and export business.

company advantage

The company and Hebei Ainison Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are specially designed for the majority of students, mobile phone family, computer family and other super eye eyebrows developed by the eye-family. They are unique in taste and have remarkable effects. And by the majority of consumers love and favor.

The company upholds the concept of honesty and customer orientation and actively responds to the great call from General Secretary Xi at the National Health and Health Conference to “accelerate the promotion of healthy China's recommendations and strive to provide comprehensive and full-cycle protection for the people’s health” and to comply with the national health policy. The guidance of industrial development is dedicated to the unremitting efforts of the people's health.

Product advantages

This product does not add preservatives, chemical pigments and hormones and is naturally healthy. The main functional beverage with eye protection and eye blinking filled the huge market demand. This drink is mainly aimed at students, mobile phone family, computer family eye protection products. Lutein has a powerful effect on eye protection. Consumer groups are very large. One can a day, as long as seven days, eyes dry, eyes astringent, eye swelling, eye fatigue completely disappear. Zero investment to join the year does not want to become a million white-collar workers, two years do not want to be a multi-millionaire!