Job NameMajorEducationalNumber of recruitsJob descriptionJob requirements
Process Assistant EngineerMicroelectronics, physics, chemistryUndergraduatesixSemiconductor single process development and trainingFull time related education background, strong learning ability, rigorous and careful, clear logic;
Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.
Assistant Packaging EngineerMaterials, mechanical and electrical, automationUndergraduatefourSemiconductor packaging equipment and process management
IT assistant engineerComputer science and technology, software engineeringUndergraduateoneMaintenance and second opening of MES / WMS and other systems
Assistant HVAC EngineerHVAC majorSpecialtyoneEnsure the safe operation of factory HVAC system
Assistant Electrical EngineerElectrical specialtySpecialtyoneEnsure the safe operation of the factory power system
Test / InspectorElectronics, computer, testingSpecialtytwelveChip quality test and inspection
Production technicianElectromechanical, electronic and MechanicalSpecialtytwentyManagement of semiconductor chip production machine
Factory technicianElectric power, water supply, HVACSpecialtyfourPlant power system equipment inspection
Equipment maintenance technicianMechanical, electrical, electronic, automationSpecialtytwelveEnsure the normal operation of the equipment